Rejuvenating a Purpose Brand in a Highly Competitive Category

Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation

  • Background

    The ask – Rejuvenate an established brand in an increasingly crowded category 

    The Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation has produced leading-edge scientific discoveries for over seven decades. Amidst an ever-expanding sea of competitors in the non-profit, purpose-driven organization space, Damon Runyon was at risk of losing out on the important contributions that fund its discoveries.

  • Strategy

    Focus on the successes achieved through Damon Runyon’s unique approach to research 

    The problem with cancer research that follows conventional wisdom is that there’s nothing conventional about cancer. Damon Runyon is known for identifying and funding young scientists who are brilliant and bold enough to go where others haven’t. In Damon Runyon’s 75 years of funding scientific research, 13 of its researchers have been awarded the Nobel Prize. Clearly, it is these outside-the-box ideas that are likely to unlock hidden secrets to solving cancer. Therefore, we decided to strategically focus on celebrating Damon Runyon’s high-risk, high-reward approach to research in order to differentiate it from the plethora of other non-profit brands in the space.

  • Campaign

    Funding Brave and Bold.

    The line “Funding Brave and Bold” reflects Damon Runyon’s unique approach to funding, and it illuminates the types of scientists who are pursuing the research. Most of all, while others are focused on the promise of a cure, DR takes a more immediate perspective of focusing on the funding. The campaign celebrates the vision and perseverance of those scientists who look at the world differently. It also attracts donors looking to have their investments work harder for a solution to the most significant health challenge of our times.

  • Results

    Strong donations in a challenging time

    Building on the success of its 75th anniversary campaign, Damon Runyon has seen impressive growth in donations. Damon Runyon now supports the groundbreaking work of over 175 researchers across 50 prestigious institutions throughout the United States. In 2023, Damon Runyon achieved a milestone by awarding a record $17.56 million in new grants to 54 exceptional scientific minds. This commitment to funding brave and bold scientific excellence continues to position Damon Runyon at the forefront of the quest to conquer cancer.

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