Introducing a New Standard of Travel Experience


  • The Background

    The world of private jet ownership is rarified, to say the least. Raise the altitude to 50,000 feet, the speed to Mach 1.5, and the price to over $150 million, and a very small pool of perspective buyers shrinks to a puddle. A puddle made up of multi-billionaires. And, to put it bluntly, billionaires aren’t like the rest of us.

  • The Strategy

    The Aerion group was originally focused on saving time as the reason to buy their supersonic business jet. But billionaires look at the world differently. Our research into their thinking — and our conversations with people who sell them things like jets, yachts, and art — uncovered something even more important to this group than time: exclusivity.

  • The Campaign

    Sure, anybody can own a G6. But being able to own a supersonic jet that costs three times more, offers the very latest technology, and gets them there before the other guy’s jet…that’s the real reason to own an Aerion. Our launch campaign was planned to feature the idea of “Get There First.”

  • Results

    Sadly, not all big business ideas make it. Aerion abruptly announced on May 21, 2021, that the company would be shutting down due to the inability to raise the needed capital to proceed.